02 Jul 2024
Ysabelle Swan

Quentin Scrimshire, Modo Energy, on Making the Energy Asset Market Accessible - Hypercube Podcast

Quentin joins Hypercube Director, Adam Sroka, for an episode of the Hypercube Podcast to discuss the technical complexities of the energy asset market and how to make it as accessible as possible.

Thumbnail for podcast episode featuring Quentin Scrimshire. Season 1 Episode 17 on making the energy asset market accessible
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Over the conversation, Q gives an overview of the Modo Energy platform as a software-based answer to simplify energy asset valuation and modelling to navigate the intersection between the energy and finance sectors.

They go on to discuss the challenges of growth, mistakes made along the way, using content to build an engaged audience, the books that inspired their business strategies as start-ups serving the energy market, and much more.

Find out more over on the Hypercube website.

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