10 Jul 2024
Ysabelle Swan

Robyn Lucas, Modo Energy, on the Data Science Challenge of the UK Energy Transition

Modo Energy's Director of Data Science - Robyn Lucas, joins Adam Sroka, Director of Hypercube Consulting for an episode of the Hypercube Podcast to discuss to take a look at the real-world challenges of data science, analytics and modelling for the energy transition.

thumbnail showing Robyn Lucas, Director of Data Science at Modo Energy

Over the conversation, Robyn discusses the issues with data quality that make modelling a challenge, bringing talent into the industry, and the importance of stability in the sector for investment. They share their perspectives on future trends particularly about energy storage, and touch on demand-side responses for domestic users.

Robyn goes on to emphasise the importance of delivering simplified, explainable insights for industry stakeholders as it progresses with the energy transition.

Find out more over on the Hypercube website.

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