02 Nov 2023
Ysabelle Swan

Podcast: Exploring the Balancing Mechanism with Claire Dykta NG ESO

The Balancing Mechanism is the Electricity System Operator’s (or ‘ESO’) main tool to make sure that supply meets demand every second of the day.

Claire Dykta discusses the Balancing Mechanism

Whether you are new to the Balancing Mechanism or are looking to find out more about how the ESO navigates this complex service - this episode provides a comprehensive look at the workings of the BM. Over the course of the conversation, guest host Ed Porter talks to ESO’s Head of Markets - Claire Dykta, discuss:

  • Where the Balancing Mechanism sits in the suite of available markets and how ESO manages the deployment of balancing mechanism units (BMUs).
  • Insight into how the coming Open Balancing Platform (OBP) will make the scheduling and dispatch of assets more streamlined.
  • How the fifteen-minute rule could change under coming updates.
  • How ESO are ensuring route to market is fair in order to maintain confidence in the UK market for investors.
  • Skip rates and what ESO is doing to clearly define them and reduce them where possible.

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About our guest

ESO is the the Electricity System Operator for Great Britain, making sure that Great Britain has the essential energy it needs by ensuring supply meets demand every second of every day. They are responsible for moving high voltage electricity from where it’s generated, through the energy system. For more information about what ESO do, head to their website.

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