12 Apr 2022
Nima Tabatabai

Dynamic Regulation market page update

To go alongside the launch of National Grid ESO’s new Dynamic Regulation service, we’ve updated our market pages. See them in action.

It's not every day that a new energy market is launched, so it's with some excitement that we bring you our latest product update! Dynamic Regulation, the latest service in National Grid ESO’s Response Reserve suite, went live a few days ago - we have quickly brought the data for this market into the Modo platform!

You can view data for Dynamic Regulation on our Frequency Response Services overview page, or a more detailed view on the Dynamic Regulation tab. See how DR stacks up head to head against Dynamic Containment!

We look forward to seeing this market mature over the coming weeks, and our users will be able to see everything they need to know via our market visualisations. You can find out more in the video below:

Nima gives a guided tour of our new Dynamic Regulation Market Pages.

We do value your feedback on the platform and our roadmap - feel welcome to reach out via the platform chat tool, or drop me an e-mail at