30 May 2024
Tim Overton

Regional preferences and a real-time ERCOT BESS benchmark

When we added Indices and data from Texas to Modo Energy (more specifically from Electric Reliability Council of Texas - ERCOT), the experience was only really optimal for users who were equally interested in Great Britain and ERCOT.

With the introduction of regional preferences we’re improving the experience for users who are only interested in either region.

These preferences will start to roll out across the entire platform, with Indices and Assets coming soon, but for now logged-in users will have an improved experience when using Research and Data & Charts.

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Full fidelity - unlocking granularity on Plotter

Image showing the full granularity of data on Plotter

You can now see key data relevant to battery energy storage in Great Britain and ERCOT in full detail. No more aggregating data to the point where you can’t see reality, and the ability to track the full volatility of prices over the last day, week, month, and year.

We’ve also added new datasets like the Energy Storage Resources Operations in ERCOT (so that you can see the discharging and charging of BESS across ERCOT) and ancillary services volumes in ERCOT.

A real-time BESS benchmark for ERCOT

The real-time ERCOT battery benchmark

Ever wondered what ERCOT battery energy storage revenues look in real-time? We’ve got you covered in a whole new way with our ERCOT Battery Benchmark.

ERCOT publishes assets disclosure data with a 60-day delay. That means you have to wait two months to benchmark any asset’s performance against the market. In the highly competitive market that is ERCOT BESS, successful teams will need to benchmark their revenues nearer to real-time allowing them to quickly adapt to dynamic market conditions.

Our ERCOT Battery Benchmark bridges the gap in the 60-day disclosure data from ERCOT, to provide your team with real-time insight into battery market revenues.

Adding detailed offer-curves to ERCOT assets

We always want to give you the deepest level of insight into asset behaviour and performance. Which is why we now provide a granular understanding of asset bidding strategies in ERCOT by visualising resource bids in the real-time market.

View the offer curves submitted by QSEs for assets for every single 15-minute SCED interval period - providing a deeper level of understanding into real-time energy revenues.

Finance the future of your asset with confidence

We know that when you are financing an asset, you want to make sure you’ve considered how revenues could over or underperform in the future. Now with the Modo Energy low case macro scenario you will understand what a downside future for a battery’s revenues could look like.

As always, our principle of radical transparency means you can delve into the key assumptions and sensitivities in our methodology pages. Our Run Library is now pre-loaded with over 2000 low case forecasts, ready for you to preview in a Study or download for analysis.

We also have a comprehensive reliance offering for those who are further into the financing process - to find out more chat with us or contact

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