08 Jul 2024
Tim Overton

Using the best benchmark for your assets

Building a benchmark for the revenues performance of battery energy storage isn’t easy. But it has been harder. Access to data, more analytical resources, and more transparent operators all make it easier to build a picture of performance.

But having the confidence that the number you’re using is the best number is another thing entirely...

An apples to apples benchmark

At Modo Energy we produce a BESS Index for each region we touch (currently Great Britain and Texas (the Electric Reliability Council of Texas - ERCOT)). The BESS Index for each region is the most complete view of the revenue performance of battery energy storage systems in that region. These indices are used in route-to-market contracts, for business interruption insurance claims, and in public reporting.

However, the highest level regional index isn’t always the best benchmark for every-day comparison of revenues.

So we’re launching Custom Indices.

Create a custom benchmark with the custom indices creation flow.

Custom Indices enables you and your team to align around the best view of performance for your assets.

If your asset is older, create a benchmark with similar age assets. If your asset is in a zone with frequent network constraints and you want to compare against the assets in that zone, then rather than spending hours manipulating data you can do it with a few clicks.

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