12 Aug 2022
Neil Weaver

Trading agreements for a brighter future - with Vishnu Aggarwal

Energy trading agreements come in all sorts of shapes and sizes - from simply priced physical and financial trading of energy products, to much more complex arrangements. Originators and traders need to understand market dynamics, potential risks and upsides, asset capabilities - and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

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On the latest episode of Modo: The Podcast, Vishnu Aggarwal (Deputy VP of Origination and Renewables, SmartestEnergy) joins Quentin to talk about his experiences of renewable energy origination and trading. Over the course of their conversation, they discuss:

  • The fascinating world of carbon markets and certifications - and how we can improve them.
  • The ins and outs of energy trading, and an explanation of how different types of Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) work.
  • What Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGOs) are, and why they’re so controversial.
  • The growing market for conscious suppliers. What does “100% renewable energy” look like for the end consumer? And how do we make it the norm?
  • And, of course, SmartestEnergy’s role in all of this.

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About our guests

Procuring renewable electricity is the most effective way to start the journey to net-zero. As a leading purchaser of independent generation, supplier of renewable electricity, and provider of demand response services, SmartestEnergy helps smart businesses achieve their energy goals. For more information on SmartestEnergy, head here.

Alternatively, you can find Vishnu on LinkedIn here.

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