20 Sep 2022
Nima Tabatabai

Product release: Asset Operations data download

When we released our Asset Operations tool in August, we had a lot of positive feedback from users about the level of detail and transparency provided into what individual assets were doing. Thank you for that! But you wanted the tool to be easier to access and quicker to navigate between different assets, without having to go back to the Leaderboard. Plus you wanted the data! Please keep the feedback coming.

Asset Explorer

We have delivered on those requests. You'll now find the new Asset Explorer in the side navigation under Benchmarking. Once there you can use a searchable dropdown menu to select any asset.

Use the dropdown menu to search and select any asset.

Clicking on a similar asset now takes you to a detailed view of that asset, making it easy to navigate across the GB BESS fleet.

We have tweaked the date pickers when you switch between Daily and Monthly views.

Asset Operational Data Download

We've also made all the data behind our Asset Explorer available to download and accessible via API (Plus subscribers and above).

Head to the Data Downloads section to access our Asset Operations data.

Global Search and Map collaborate and “Log in” is the new “Sign up” (all the cool kids are saying it)

There are a number of smaller updates included in this release as well. For example, when you search for an asset in our global search, you now get Map results, allowing you to quickly see where an asset is located. We have seen user confusion around “Sign in” vs “Sign up” on our landing pages, so we now use “Log in” instead.

You can now easily see which features are new to the Modo platform.

Finally, you may have already noticed some bright green stickers on the platform - we are testing these out to help signpost our users to the latest improvements on Modo. Keep an eye out for bright green stars to see what's new!

Psst... we’d love your feedback! 🙏

We hope these new updates make Modo better for you. If you have any comments or feedback, we always want to hear from you - get in touch with our team via the in-app chat or drop us your ideas for new feature requests.