27 Jul 2022
Neil Weaver

WattPod: revolutionising battery energy storage through digitalisation

Our CEO and co-founder Quentin spoke to Mitchell Board on the fantastic WattPod podcast recently. Over the course of their discussion, they talked Q’s love of battery energy storage, focusing on:

  • The roles data transparency and digitalisation will play in the future energy system.
  • How Great Britain is leading the way in terms of markets (and revenue stacking) for battery energy storage.
  • Why the operational characteristics of battery energy storage systems make optimisation and decision-making more complex than that of other generation technologies.
  • Why current policy and regulation are some of the biggest barriers we face in the energy transition.
  • And the importance of producing content that helps to simplify an otherwise complicated sector.

As well as passionately outlining our ethos, Q also talks about the history of Modo - from our initial intention to optimise assets, to stumbling upon our software-as-a-service product that prioritises battery energy storage Asset Success.

In the clip below, you can hear Q explain the vision for Modo:

Q outlines his vision for Modo.

“The vision for the company... you've got me going now! But we believe that in the 1980s, and onwards, there was a digitalisation of financial markets. And that's been a megatrend. We've seen companies like Bloomberg, Reuters, you know, data providers really make a mark in terms of providing transparency and information liquidity, if you like. Our belief for the 21st century is that there's a digitalisation of energy markets happening, which is the big trend of this century, and we are at the forefront as a data provider - providing, again, the information that supports the build-out and optimisation of these incredible battery energy storage assets.”

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