13 Jul 2023
Ysabelle Swan

Scaling end-to-end with Andrew Waranch and Nick Dazzo

Battery buildout in the USA is moving fast - but still has a long way to go and bridging the gap between existing projects and required volume is going to take time. Keeping the momentum going (and capital flowing!) in order to reach some huge targets is a huge undertaking.

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In today’s episode, Quentin talks to Andrew Waranch (founder & CEO) and Nick Dazzo (Managing Director of Trading) from Spearmint Energy. Over the course of the conversation they discuss:

  • Building the business - playing the long game whilst bridging the gaps in the meantime.
  • Integrating a trading desk within an optimisation team and touching upon how the world of batteries & renewables is different compared to traditional generation.
  • How is Spearmint’s business case unique as an end-to-end solution?
  • The ways in which the Inflation Reduction Act has impacted the rate of growth within the renewables sector.
  • A look at Spearmint’s geographical diversification across US markets.

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About our guest

Spearmint aims to be the preeminent green merchant trading company developing, owning, operating, and trading around Battery Energy Storage, Solar, and Wind to reduce grid volatility, increase system resiliency, and help to reduce Carbon emissions in a responsible and efficient way. for more information on what they do, head to their website.

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