20 Apr 2023
Ysabelle Swan

Modo: The Podcast - power quality with Tim Rastall (Enspec)

We often focus on the impact of cycling and the degradation of battery cells, but there are other components in a battery that go through daily wear and tear - one factor influencing this is power quality. As the world transitions to a cleaner future that relies on inverter-based technologies - power quality is an important consideration when building an asset.

Tim Rastall and Quentin talk power quality on Modo: The Podcast.

In this episode, Quentin is joined by Tim Rastall, Chief Technology Officer at Enspec Power. Over the course of the conversation, they discuss:

  • What “power quality” means - and the sorts of factors that determine good vs. poor power quality.
  • Why power quality is increasingly important as we rely more heavily on a variety of inverter-based technologies.
  • How poor power quality can physically damage equipment and assets.
  • How to measure and combat potential power quality issues in your connection - using passive and active harmonic filters.
  • And, of course, where Enspec fits into all of this.
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About our guest

Enspec helps BESS assets to make and save money - providing specialist engineered products and services such as Power System Studies, Power Factor Correction, Harmonic Filters, Reactive Compensation, Point-on-Wave Switching and Site Services. To find out more, head to their website.

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