11 May 2023
Ysabelle Swan

Making the most of marine energy with Neil Kermode

The power of marine energy is vast - and being able to tap into this infinite supply could open up endless opportunities for renewable generation. Being able to test new ocean technologies easily means faster deployment in the journey to net-zero - but what is involved in marine power and where is it best placed.

Watch Making the most of marine energy

In this episode, Quentin is joined by Neil Kermode ( Managing Director at The European Marine Energy Centre or EMEC). Over the course of the conversation, they discuss:

  • The differences between wave and tidal generation types and how they work.
  • An insight into current investment activity for these technologies.
  • What factors need to be considered when looking for sites for wave / tidal and what's involved in grid connection.
  • The environmental and community impact of marine energy sites.
  • Generation variability - why tidal is endlessly predictable.

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About our guest

The European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) are the world’s first and leading facility for demonstrating and testing wave and tidal energy converters.
As a plug-and-play facility EMEC helps reduce the time, cost and risk of testing innovative sustainable technologies. Operating two grid-connected test sites off the coast of Orkney - EMEC provides scope to test technologies in harshest marine environments while in close proximity to sheltered waters and harbours. For more information on what they do - head to their website.

Connect with Neil on Linkedin.

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