23 Mar 2023
Ysabelle Swan

Laurent Segalen's twelve rules for energy trading

With such a vast career in the energy space there’s no wonder Laurent Segalen has developed a list of ‘rules’ he lives and works by - and has kindly shared with us! Buckle up for this bumper episode - which covers almost everything you can think of and lots of words of wisdom in between.

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In this episode, Quentin chats with Laurent (Co-Host of the Redefining Energy Podcast and Managing Partner of Megawatt-X), during the course of the conversation, they cover topics including:

  • A deep dive into his career and how he got to where he is now.
  • The power of ‘the narrative’ and how it is vital in ensuring we champion the energy transition.
  • The importance of scalability - is quantity more important than megaprojects?
  • Will tech be the saviour in the energy transition?
  • And much, much, much more.
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Mentioned in the episode

How Big Things Get Done - Bent Flyvbjerg & Dan Gardner
Skin in the Game - Nassim Nicholas Taleb

About our guest

Laurent’s career in clean Energy spans over 25 years, from Director at PWC, Fund Manager at Natixis/Mirova to Managing Director Clean Commodities at Lehman Brothers then Nomura. He is now Co-Host of the podcast: Redefining Energy and Managing Partner at Megawatt-X .

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