19 Oct 2023
Ysabelle Swan

Podcast: Improving Europe's renewable infrastructure with Hannah Staab - Modo Selects

Renewable power is the future (and also the present) - but its buildout comes with plenty of challenges. From getting the public onside, to navigating policies and regulations, we’ve got a long way to go. To reach our goals, we’ll need a combination of technologies - some established, some developing and some still to be imagined. So, what do we need in order to build a brighter future?

Hannah Staab talks Europe’s renewable infrastructure.

In this instalment of our Modo Selects series, we are revisiting an episode from September 2022 with Hannah Staab - at the time, Head of Advisory for Europe, now Head of Strategy at Natural Power. Over the course of their conversation, she and Quentin discuss:

  • The ongoing developments in co-location and the rise in combined ‘energy parks’.
  • Making the most of increasingly sought-after grid connections through co-location.
  • The locational challenges of encouraging behind-the-meter renewable uptake.
  • Where hydrogen might fit within the renewable technologies space, the business case for it and how CfDs could work.
  • A look at attitudes toward on-shore wind in Britain and much more.

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About our guest

Natural Power is an independent consultant and service provider solely working on green energy projects. Since 1995, they have worked towards creating a better environment for future generations and provided expert advice for over 3,500 projects to help their vision progress. To find out more about what they do, head to their site.

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