30 Mar 2023
Ysabelle Swan

Trading flexibility with Jürgen Mayerhofer

In Great Britain (and elsewhere), ancillary services have so far dominated the revenue stack for battery energy storage assets. But that’s changing! For flexible assets facing ancillary service saturation, being able to successfully trade in wholesale markets is more important than ever before - and that requires a very different optimisation skillset.

In today’s episode, Quentin is joined by Jürgen Mayerhofer (CEO & Co-founder at Enspired). Over the course of the conversation they discuss:

  • The battery energy storage world’s inevitable transition from providing ancillary services into wholesale trading.
  • How the market often responds quicker to the need for flexibility than system operators do.
  • The difference between attempting to provide ancillary services in multiple geographies (spoiler: it’s a nightmare), and trading (spoiler: it’s smoother).
  • Why software platforms are the future of power trading.
  • And, of course, where Enspired fits into all of this.

About our guest

Enspired are helping to drive the energy transition by enabling their clients to bring flexible assets to European power spot markets and capture their full value using AI-based trading services. For more information on what they do - head to their new & improved website.

Connect with Jürgen on LinkedIn.

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