05 Oct 2023
Ysabelle Swan

Podcast: Granular green energy with Toby Ferenczi

Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (or REGOs) are certificates issued to generators of renewable electricity. Until recently they covered energy produced within a twelve-month period, but in 2022 a more complete and transparent hourly tracking system was introduced.

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In today’s episode, Quentin talks to Toby Ferenczi (Co-Founder & CEO at Granular Energy) Over the course of the conversation, they discuss:

  • What it really means to have 100 percent green energy and it’s not as simple as it first seems.
  • Why a more granular certification system could prove a more reliable and beneficial market revenue for battery energy storage.
  • How Granular Energy is helping businesses to provide a more accurate and transparent picture of where electricity is coming from.
  • How guarantee of origin rather than price is a better gauge of carbon.

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About our guest

Granular Energy is a software provider that specialises in clean energy management solutions for utilities, energy managers, traders, and large energy buyers worldwide.
Their platform streamlines existing certificate management processes, automates the allocation of certificates to end-consumers, and optimises sourcing and trading of certificate portfolios. To find out more about Granular Energy - head over to their site.

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