11 Apr 2024
Ysabelle Swan

Podcast: Why have battery storage revenues in Britain fallen?

With battery storage revenues averaging £27k per MW per year in the November to February period, a mixture of factors have contributed to the decline in battery revenues. Frequency response revenues have dropped but do we see higher potential revenues in markets like the balanicng mechanism? What does peak demand look like for Great Britain, and what impact does this have on future build out of battery storage projects?

In today’s episode Quentin is in the studio with Modo Energy’s GB market lead - Wendel Hortop, Throughout the conversation, they discuss:

  • Some of the factors contributing to the decrease in revenues over the winter period and the wider impact on the system.
  • A look at the potential reasons for the drop in peak demand in the UK.
  • The effect of interconnectors on prices in merchant markets.
  • Opportunities and limitations for batteries in the balancing mechanism.
  • What future changes could mean for batteries.

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