09 Mar 2023
Ysabelle Swan

The future of oil & gas with Wafa Jafri

Energy majors play a pivotal role in supporting a just energy transition, but what do they need to do and what does a green future look like for companies founded in fossil fuels?

Today, guest host Ed Porter chats with Wafa Jafri (Partner and Energy Strategy Lead at KMPG), who is at the forefront of helping these businesses make the changes necessary to move forward in a renewables-focused world. Over the course of the discussion, they discuss:

  • The differences in strategy & belief between oil & gas across different organisations.
  • All about scope 1, 2 & 3 and their implications.
  • Why energy majors are vital in the transition to a renewable future.
  • Supply chain challenges being faced in order to deliver the transition.
  • The importance of storage in a flexible and renewable future.

Mentioned in the episode

  • Robyn’s chart illustrating the lowest carbon intense periods in weekday pricing.

About our guest

KPMG has a global presence and is committed to helping businesses implement sustainable growth to help create a lasting impact on the world. Find out more about what they do on their website.

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