06 Jul 2023
Ysabelle Swan

Diving deep into decarbonization with Nathaniel Bullard

The road to decarbonization is multifaceted and deeply complex. Tackling one part of it opens up the floor to more questions new problems to solve. What is the current state of climate and where are we in the decarbonization pipeline?

Nat Bullard talks decarbonization

In today’s episode - Quentin speaks with Nathaniel Bullard - independent keynote speaker, board-level strategy facilitator, and climate-focused advisor. Over the course of the conversation they discuss:

  • Nat’s background and career - including giving away a 140 slide deck for free.
  • Growth without emissions - can we lower primary energy usage while still maintaining growth?
  • What does the state of renewables look like and a look at the levelized cost of different technologies.
  • An overview of the framework for Nat’s ‘Three Ages of Decarbonisation’.
  • Nat’s view on how we get to net-zero from here.

Mentioned in the episode

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About our guest

Nat works independently as a keynote speaker, board-level strategy facilitator, and climate-focused advisor. He is a senior contributor to BloombergNEF and writes the Sparklines column for Bloomberg Green. To find out more about Nat - visit his website.

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