12 Oct 2023
Ysabelle Swan

Podcast: Decarbonizing industrial heat with James MacNaghten

Accounting for 20 percent of global energy consumption, industrial heat is a massive area in need of decarbonization.

Covering everything from pasteurisation to steel manufacturing, there are countless businesses that will need to step away from the current method of burning natural gas, in order to reach net zero goals.

James MacNaghten talks decarbonizing industrial heat.

In this episode, Quentin chats to James MacNaghten - CEO at Caldera - about how this can be achieved and what Caldera is doing to be part of the change. Over the course of the conversation, they discuss:

  • The applications of industrial heat, how it has been achieved to date and types of things it is used for.
  • A look into the simple yet effective technology that underpins Caldera’s product - using readily available and recyclable materials.
  • How Caldera is delivering a cost-effective solution for industrial heat users.
  • Why heat storage is necessary for filling gaps where lithium-ion storage is not the most optimal use case.
  • James’ thoughts on decarbonising other areas of heat production.

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About our guest

Caldera are on a mission to make zero-carbon heat the norm by developing technologies that pave the way for a faster and smoother energy transition.

Caldera’s systems can replace or supplement any industrial or commercial fossil fuel boiler. For businesses that need process heat they provide the same energy storage benefit as batteries more affordably, and can generate steam, hot water or air.

For more information on what Caldera do - head to their website.

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