21 Sep 2023
Ysabelle Swan

Podcast: Communicating net zero with Juliette Sanders

Media and Communications are the frontline between business, the public and the government. Effective communication is instrumental in the energy transition, find out why in this week's episode.

Juliette Sanders talks communications

Quentin sits down with Juliette Sanders (aka. Killah Jules), Director Of Strategic Communications at Energy UK. Over the course of the conversation, they discuss:

  • Juliette's career and role at Energy UK, what they do and who they represent.
  • A brief look into the state of wind buildout and what happened at the latest IPCC assessment report (AR5)
  • The importance of effective and engaging communications when trying to bring people along on the net zero journey.
  • Why we still need to work on diversification and inclusion within the energy industry and how the TIDE taskforce is helping to tackle it.
  • And of course - how Killah Jules is engaging the public and spreading the word about renewable energy!

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About our Guest

Energy UK are the trade association for the UK energy industry with over 100 members including suppliers, generators, aggregators, flexibility providers, electric vehicle charging operators and software companies. They work with sector, government, regulators and wider stakeholders to champion a sustainable UK energy industry.
For more information on what Energy UK do - head to their website.
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