22 Jun 2023
Ysabelle Swan

Modo Selects - Measuring inertia with Chris Kimmett

By smoothing over unstable voltage waveforms - inertia is a fascinating and important part of the system. Being able to accurately measure inertia is becoming more and more important as we transition to renewable generation, which is changing the weight of inertia on the grid.

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For this instalment in our Modo Selects series we are revisiting this episode with Chris Kimmett - Chief Operations Officer at Reactive Technologies. He and Quentin talk about how utilising inertia is imperative to balance the system. During the course of the conversation, Chris and Quentin discuss:

  • The definition of inertia and what processes are implemented to measure it.
  • How the transition to greener energy production is impacting the amount of inertia on the grid.
  • Why being able to accurately measure inertia is vital and what customer profile would benefit from doing so?
  • A look at other countries' grid designs and how / why they have developed that way.
  • The vision for Reactive Technologies and their role in all of this.

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About our Guest

Reactive Technologies are an innovative energy tech company, providing grid operators and renewable asset owners with market-leading and mission-critical technology solutions to accelerate the clean energy transition. To find out more about what they do head to their website here.

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