14 Mar 2024
Ysabelle Swan

Podcast: Energy policy in ERCOT with Caitlin Smith

ERCOT’s role in shaping Texas’s energy future relies on its framework of policy-making, to ensure reliability, affordability, and sustainability across the state. With stakeholders ranging from utilities and generators to regulators and consumers, numerous voices are helping to shape policies that promote clean energy adoption while ensuring grid stability.

In today’s episode, Quentin is talking to VP of Policy & Corporate Communications at Jupiter Power - Caitlin Smith about how decisions and policy is made in ERCOT. Over the conversation, they, discuss:

  • The process of policy and decision-making in ERCOT.
  • Policy frameworks and changes Caitlin has witnessed over her career and how these have changed the ERCOT landscape.
  • The differences in ideology around energy policy and resource adequacy.
  • Ancillary services for battery energy storage in ERCOT
  • How Jupiter Power is thinking about policy changes, across their operational markets.

Mentioned in the episode

About our guest

Jupiter Power is an energy storage independent power producer, putting deep energy storage expertise, proven project execution capability, and significant capital to work to help make the energy transition a reality. For more information on what they do, head to their website.

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