30 May 2024
Ysabelle Swan

Modo Selects: Building BESS in the US with Louis Caso

The Inflation Reduction Act or ‘IRA’, is turbocharging the buildout of domestic renewable energy solutions in the USA. Until recently, the focus on domestic battery production has been on EV’s. This is changing as the need for grid-scale energy storage projects is gaining momentum in North America. Pomega Energy Storage Technologies USA aims to be the first to market to provide it all, from LFP cells to turnkey energy storage solutions.

In this episode from May 2023, we are revisiting a conversation with Louis Caso - Vice President of Business Development at Pomega Energy Storage Technologies USA. Over the conversation, Quentin and Louis discuss:

  • What demand looks like for stationary battery storage in the US and who is looking to integrate it?
  • How the Inflation Reduction Act is turbocharging the US market.
  • Pomega's strategy to differentiate by focusing exclusively on stationary energy storage.
  • Insight into the enormity of building a project on the scale that Pomega intends.
  • Pomega’s vision to bring start-to-finish battery production to the US.

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About our guest

Pomega is on a mission to be a leading manufacturer of vertically integrated LFP battery cell and energy storage systems in North America. From the individual LFP cells to turnkey BESS solutions - Pomega will provide start-to-finish energy storage products. Providing storage solutions, including products such as Lithium-Ion LFP Battery Cell, mobile substations, mobile hybrid storage systems and residential energy storage systems. To find out more about what Pomega are doing, head to their website.

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