18 Apr 2024
Ysabelle Swan

Podcast: Battery storage optimization in ERCOT with Mike Kirschner

As the build-out of battery energy storage accelerates in North America, the opportunity for strategic storage optimization is also growing. It's becoming clear to owners, that battery energy storage is operationally distinct from wind, solar and other passive business models, but what things need to be considered and what differences are we seeing as optimizers operate in the different ISO markets.

In today’s episode, Mike Kirschner, US Managing Director at Habitat Energy joins Quentin at Energy Storage US. Over the course of the conversation, they discuss:

  • How optimizers are navigating the multiple markets (and opportunities) across the US and A look at ERCOT’s market dynamics
  • Why operators in ERCOT have historically undertaken optimization in-house, and how this mindset is changing.
  • Insight into Habitat Energy’s portfolio and future plans.
  • Expansion across the USA and the importance of understanding the individual differences between ISO’s.
  • The challenges co-located projects pose for Optimizers.
  • A look at the trading side of Habitat and Mike's views on the future for AI-supported trading.

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About our guest

Operating across UK, USA and Australia, Habitat Energy’s mission is to get the best possible return on your investment, whether that’s a single battery, co-located renewable generation or a whole portfolio of assets across multiple locations. Providing fully integrated AI- enabled, end-to-end battery storage optimization services to help you to unlock the full value of your asset. To find out more about what they do - head to their site.

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Modo Energy provides benchmarking, forecasts, data, and insights for new energy assets - all in one place. Built for analysts, Modo helps the owners, operators, builders, and financiers of battery energy storage solutions understand the market - and make the most out of their assets. Modo’s paid plans serve more than 80% of battery storage owners and operators in Great Britain and ERCOT.

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