13 Oct 2022
Ysabelle Swan

Buying and selling grid-scale batteries with Jonathan Massam

There is increasing appetite from investors to deploy capital in investments that are at the centre of the energy transition and have a positive climate impact. As battery energy storage grows into a more mature industry, investors are becoming more familiar and their perceptions of risk around investment are decreasing. Because of this, we are seeing more organisations taking part in sales and purchases of grid-scale batteries. But what goes into the buying and selling process?

In this episode, Quentin is joined by Jonathan Massam, Director at PwC - Energy Lead Advisory. Over the course of the conversation they discuss:

  • The transaction process and the phases involved in getting a deal done.
  • The state of the market in the journey to Net Zero.
  • Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) and the benefits and difficulties of working within this framework.
  • What trends are emerging across the sector?
  • And of course, how PwC fits into all of this.

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About our guest

PwC's Lead Advisory practice includes a dedicated team of specialists focused on deals in Energy, Utilities, Resources and Infrastructure markets, helping clients with mergers and acquisitions, equity and debt raises as well as valuations. To find out more about their work in energy and infrastructure head to their website here.

Find Jonathan on Linkedin here.

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