27 Jun 2024
Tim Overton

Product update 2.32

This update brings two key improvements to how your team can stay on top of benchmarking battery energy storage systems (BESS). First, custom dashboards are now company level. This reduces the overheads on internal reporting and enables your whole team to see a consistent view of your assets and the market.
Second, the industry breakdown is now back. So in seconds you can get a full understanding of who’s in the market and what their portfolio looks like.

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Bring the whole team up to speed with company-wide dashboards

Seeing your BESS’ performance alongside key market data should be easy. But to get the full value from a view like this, it needs to be accessible for your whole team.

So we’ve made custom dashboards available to your whole team.

Now when you create the perfect view of assets’ revenues and physical operations alongside market prices, your whole team benefits. And within a few clicks everyone is looking at an aligned view of the world.

A custom view of the BESS world

Create a custom dashboard in seconds using the Modo Energy library of graphs, or graphs that you’ve created in Plotter.

Add any of our charts into a Dashboard

A company-level library

Now your saved dashboards live in an easy-to-use library that your whole company can access.

Share insights with your team

The benefit of unlimited seats

At Modo Energy, your whole company has access at no additional cost per user. This means that you can simply copy and paste the URL from your dashboard then send it for anyone in your company to view.

Share your dashboard with your team

Learn more about market participants in BESS

We’ve made some upgrades to the Industry Growth graph. So now you can get detailed insight into the owners and operators of BESS in Great Britain and the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT).

Growth of BESS in GB & ERCOT

And so based on popular demand, we’ve started adding this data into the API. Right now you can find:

  • Industry growth in Great Britain
  • The full asset database for Great Britain
  • The full asset database for ERCOT

Quality of life improvements

  • Access the ERCOT Nowcast via API: It’s now possible to access the real-time benchmark for BESS revenues in ERCOT from our API, here:
  • See the Modo Energy high case: We’ve released an updated version of our high and low forecast for both Custom runs and the Run library.
  • Tailor your BESS revenue forecasts to even more detail: You can now vary Distribution Use of System (DUoS) charges, upload degradation profiles, and provide more detail on re-powering assumptions.
  • Understand how solar outturn in Great Britain impacts your assets’ revenues: Sheffield Solar data (the data used by National Grid to understand how much solar is on the network at any one time) is now available via API, to download from the Data library, and to visualise on Plotter.
  • View long term trends with ease: complete raw data on Plotter means that you can understand the volatility and noise in data, but it can make it harder to spot longer term trends. So we’ve added the ability to see the 7-day trailing average of all datasets on Plotter.

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