27 Apr 2023
Ysabelle Swan

ERCOT: the landscape for battery energy storage in Texas

Over the coming weeks, we’ve got some really awesome guests lined up for Modo: The Podcast. The idea is to cover the lay of the land for battery energy storage in the USA - and particularly in ERCOT (Electric Reliability Council of Texas, the state’s system operator).

To give some context for these upcoming episodes, we asked our very own Alex Done to provide a brief introduction to the fundamentals of ERCOT - and how the markets for battery energy storage in Texas compare to those in Great Britain.

Download our ERCOT slide deck

Want to know more about the landscape for battery energy storage in ERCOT? Check out our ERCOT slide deck (which Q presented at this year’s Energy Storage Summit USA) - available to download here.

Watch Modo: The Podcast’s introduction to ERCOT

Alex Done talk to Quentin about the landscape for battery energy storage in ERCOT.

On this week’s episode of Modo: The Podcast, Quentin sits down with Alex Done (Modo’s own Lead Data Scientist) - to give us an introduction to this fascinating market, and outline some of the differences between the electricity system of Texas vs. the grid in Great Britain.

Over the course of their conversation, they discuss:

  • What ERCOT is, what it does, and how it operates.
  • The different demand profiles in Texas and Great Britain.
  • How extreme weather events like Storm Yuri have highlighted a need for change within ERCOT.
  • Where battery energy storage revenues come from in Texas.
  • And what the next few years have in store - as the markets for energy storage evolve.

Listen to our introduction to ERCOT

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