14 May 2024
Brandt Vermillion

ERCOT: Highest daily battery energy storage revenues in eight months

On May 8th, battery energy storage systems in ERCOT set a new record for net output - 3.2 GW, between 8pm and 8:15pm. This is over a gigawatt more than the previous record.

In the video below, learn all about the timeline of events that led to this record net output.

Brandt Vermillion - Modo’s ERCOT Lead - talks through the events of May 8th.

Subscribers to Modo’s Benchmarking Pro ERCOT tools can read the full article - to find out more about estimated battery revenues across the week.

How much money did battery energy storage systems earn in ERCOT on May 8th?

Due to the 60-day lag in ERCOT publishing its market disclosure data, the revenue figures provided here are provisional estimates and subject to change.

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