04 Apr 2024
Tim Overton

Energy Storage Summit USA 2024 After Party, Modo Energy Style

The presentations and networking at the Energy Storage Summit USA 2024 were fantastic. But sometimes the best work gets done over fresh tacos...

It was our absolute privilege to host the Summit’s After Party, an opportunity to bring hundreds of the key players in battery energy storage into a vibrant and relaxed social space. The free food and drink helped.

Where was the Energy Storage Summit After Party?

1114 East Cesar Chavez (Austin, Tx - 78724)

The venue for the Energy Storage Summit USA 2024 after party

What did we eat?

Thunder Chief, at 3121 S Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78704, United States

Did someone win something?

Everyone loves a free raffle. Quentin, our CEO, raffled off a brand new iPad.

When’s the next Modo Energy party in Austin?

We’re in the early stages of planning something for later this year. If you’re interesting in coming or finding out more about Modo Energy then we’d recommend following us on LinkedIn or registering as a free user to the platform.

Miss the Energy Storage Summit?

Here’s a link to the presentation that Quentin, our CEO, gave at the conference.

We’re also very happy to chat through our experience of the summit. You can reach our team at, or you’re welcome to schedule a call here.

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