25 Mar 2024
Wendel Hortop

The Energy Academy ERCOT launches

The latest season of the Energy Academy has launched, focusing on all things ERCOT. Across ten episodes, Brandt Vermillion (Modo Energy's ERCOT Market Lead) dives into the makeup of ERCOT's markets for trading power, and how the system operates.

Want to find out everything you need to know about the operation of the power market in Texas? Need to get new team members up to speed with all things ERCOT? d

The latest series of the Energy Academy has you covered - you can find the entire 30-minute series here.

Episode 1 of The Energy Academy ERCOT: Brandt introduces how it operates within North America’s electricity system

Across ten short, easily digestible episodes, you'll learn about:

  • ERCOT's place within North America's power grid.
  • Its roles and responsibilities as the system operator.
  • How all of the major players interact with each other.
  • The mechanics behind longer-term power contracts.
  • How Locational Marginal Prices are formed in ERCOT.
  • Day-Ahead and Real-Time operations and markets.
  • The functions of ERCOT's main Ancillary Services.
  • And much, much more besides...