03 Aug 2022
Tim Overton

The talent to deliver impact - The BESS Jobs

Driving innovation and change requires one thing - people. More specifically, it requires the right people in the right jobs. When you’re building the future energy system, you need to know where to find people and organisations who match your ambitions.

So we’ve launched a jobs board - for everybody!

The BESS Jobs board
The best job board for battery energy storage organisations and professionals.

The biggest challenge that Modo will face during the next stages of our growth will revolve around attracting and retaining the right people. And we hear, time and time again, of other organisations in the battery energy storage space with the same problem.

It’s not going to be an instant fix for anyone, but we’re launching The BESS Jobs - to help people across the battery sector find their next role, and enable organisations to grow their teams.

For it to fulfil its potential we’ve set out a few key principles for the job board:

  • It’s free to use (and always will be).
  • It’s only for jobs directly relating to battery energy storage.
  • It’s completely open - anyone can post or apply for jobs.

We’ve kickstarted the board and will be moderating it, but we don’t want it to be our board. You won’t see any Modo branding, or links to Modo content, because it needs everyone to participate - at all levels. This isn’t a marketing exercise, or an attempt to drive more people onto the Modo platform. It’s an open community, with the aim of making battery energy storage a success - across the board!

Head to to find or post roles today!

If you’ve got any questions or think that things could be improved to help the sector move forward more quickly, then please let us know!

Psst... we’d love your feedback! 🙏

We hope you find The BESS Jobs useful. If you have any comments or feedback, we always want to hear from you - get in touch with our team via the in-app chat or drop us your ideas for new feature requests. Keep making energy storage a success!

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