04 Aug 2022
Neil Weaver

Asset Success for battery energy storage - what do we mean?

Since we started producing Modo: The Podcast, we’ve gotten to know loads of truly amazing people. We’ve met pioneers from across the energy industry - all working to build the future energy system. And we’re trying to play our part in that too - by making battery energy storage a success. That’s why we’ve built our Asset Success Platform. But what do we mean by ‘Asset Success’?

Quentin and Robyn discuss Asset Succes, the history of Modo, and the future energy system.

Today, Quentin is switching roles, and taking his turn in the hot seat. Robyn Lucas (Modo's Chief Analytics Officer) has kindly stepped in, to host this very special episode. Over the course of their discussion, they cover:

  • Quentin’s journey across the energy industry, from his engineering (and raving) days in Manchester, to his role as Modo CEO and co-founder.
  • A history of battery energy storage optimisation in Great Britain (and why Modo pivoted away from its initial plans to enter that space).
  • What Access Success means, and why it matters so much to us. In order for their assets to be successful, owners and operators need: data, research, benchmarking, and forecasting.
  • Quentin’s vision for the future energy system. How many batteries will we actually need? What are the barriers to reaching net-zero? How big a role can hydrogen play? And why is Quentin so bullish?
  • And, of course, where Modo fits into all of this.

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